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Formal Economic Assessment

The estimate done in the Housekeeping Damages Calculator is preliminary only. It is not verified or attested to by Brown Economic Consulting and as such no representative of Brown Economic Consulting will support this estimate for litigation purposes. It is intended only as an estimated potential loss of housekeeping capacity of the plaintiff or the family of the plaintiff, and as such depends entirely on the user's input data, which Brown Economic Assessments has neither supplied nor certified.

If you wish to obtain a formal economic assessment, please have the plaintiff, or the family of the deceased, complete a long-form Diary of Household Activities and then submit it to our office for a formal economic assessment, which will include a full estimate from the date of incident forward, and incorporate further statistical refinements*.

If you are the plaintiff to the action, you should consult with your legal counsel before proceeding with a formal economic assessment.

* These statistical refinements include how household activities change as people proceed through the life cycle, and a comparison of the plaintiff's/deceased's housekeeping duties to the statistical average.