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Hourly Replacement Rates

The following table reflects the hourly replacement rates used in accordance with the province of residence selected.   These rates are in 2022 dollars and do not include provincial sales tax or GST.

Province of Residence Hourly Replacement Rate
British Columbia$22.29
New Brunswick$15.81
Newfoundland & Labrador$17.58
Northwest Territories$34.21
Nova Scotia$21.03
Prince Edward Island$21.87
QuebecNot supported by calculator

The hourly rates for housekeeping claims are researched from NOC 4412, "Home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations" using Statistics Canada's 2001 and 2006 Censuses, Statistics Canada's "2011 National Household Survey", Statistics Canada's 2016 Census, the Federal Government of Canada's JOB BANK website, and various provincial wage surveys (see Table 9-6 in C.L.Brown, Damages: Estimating Pecuniary Loss (Toronto, Ontario: Canada Law Book, a Thomson Reuters business), December 2021 (30th edition), Chapter 9, for specific provincial wage surveys used).

We deflate the 2022 rates above by Statistics Canada's "Estimates of Average Weekly Earning" and "Survey of Employment, Payrolls and Hours", NAICS 5617 (services to buildings and dwellings) for Canada.

A survey entitled "Cleaning Survey: A report on the findings of a province wide survey to determine the average hourly cost of having a home cleaned" was carried out by Profit Matters Inc. who used the IPSOS/Reid Alberta Omnibus survey in the fall of 2005 in Alberta to poll respondents. The results indicated that of the 803 respondents, slightly less than 10% used cleaners. The rates for these urban areas in 2005 were $17.11 in Calgary, and $14.66 in Edmonton. Other cities and rural areas reported average hourly costs of $10.12 to $11.06. This yielded an average of $14.64 for the whole province. Increasing the $14.64 rate to 2022 $ for Alberta results in a rate of $28.44. Note that in the Housekeeping Damages CalculatorTM and in our assessments, Brown Economic uses $21.91 for Alberta (see above).