The Income Damages Calculator is a fee-based service.  You will be prompted for a valid Visa credit card number* if you wish to view the results of the Income Damages Calculator.  The fees charged are as follows:

Past Loss Fees
On-line estimate: $380.00
GST: $19.00
TOTAL: $399.00
Past and Future Loss Fees
On-line estimate: $760.00
GST: $38.00
TOTAL: $798.00

Once you've purchased a report generated by the Income Damages Calculator, you can use the Income Damages Calculator to generate additional economic scenarios for that same claimant file at no additional charge.  The additional scenarios must be run at the time of purchase or within 1 year from the date of the initial purchase.  The additional scenarios will reflect the type you selected at the time of purchase (i.e. either Past Loss or Past and Future Loss).

* Credit card information is transmitted using a secure connection to the e-commerce provider site.