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This calculator will provide a preliminary estimate of the plaintiff's/deceased's past and future potential loss of housekeeping capacity from his/her age at the date of incident to age 80. 

The estimate done in the Housekeeping Damages Calculator is preliminary only and does not replace a formal economic assessment, which is submitted as a written document for court purposes.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Court of Appeal quoted from Ms. Brown's article published in The Advocates' Quarterly in Driscoll v. Morgan 2007 CarswellNfld 205, 2007 NLCA 39, 267 Nfld. & P.E.I.R. 344, 811 A.P.R. 344. Justices Welsh, Mercer and Cameron quoted from Ms. Brown's article entitled "Valuable Services Trends in Housekeeping Quantum Across Canada, 1990-2001" (2003) at p. 82, which described the average housekeeping awards by region.

The Sept/Oct 2012 edition of Brown's Economic Damages Newsletter reviewed the Canadian time use statistics on various kinds of activities (eg. paid work, sleeping, eating meals/personal care, television viewing and "active" leisure (sports)).  The May 2016 edition reviewed recent case law on housekeeping losses.  The September 2017 edition presents the most recent Canadian time use data on household chores.

The calculator currently uses these hourly replacement rates.

In making the housekeeping award for Mr. Mahe in 2008, Marshall J. validated the hourly rate used by Brown Economic for Alberta cases:

[96] Ms. Brown prepared, as part of her report, Exhibit 18, a valuation of economic loss that flows from Mr. Mahe's reduced ability to conduct household and domestic activities...It is agreed that the hourly replacement rate for valuable services, including housekeeping, is $17.25 in Alberta at the present date. (emphasis added) 1

[1] (2008) ABQB 680, filed Dec. 17, 2008. The author testified on behalf of the plaintiff in this matter. Justice Marshall awarded $17,500 for past loss of housekeeping plus $50,000 for future loss of housekeeping, reduced by 25% for the plaintiff's contributory negligence.

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