Income Damages Calculator ™

The Income Damages Calculator estimates the claimant's potential loss of income, from the date of incident to trial or settlement ("past loss") and from the date of trial (valuation) to retirement ("future loss").

This on-line estimate is dependent upon the input factors entered and the applicability of statistics chosen from the on-line calculator to the claimant. It does not replace a written, signed expert report tendered as a court exhibit. To request an expert report, contact Brown Economic's forensic expert services team.

The Income Damages Calculator allows users to modify the initial inputs either at the initial visit or up to 1 year after the initial estimate. This can yield numerous estimates or sensitivity analyses for one case depending on the range of possible parameters for the income loss calculation.

The Income Damages Calculator produces detailed outputs in a PDF format along with an emailed disbursement for the cost of the calculation.

Please read the Terms and Conditions before launching the Income Damages Calculator.